Training of Mother Clubs, Child Ambassadors and School Management Committees.

Two weeks ago WOFHRAD-SL visited various villages in the Bombali District to set up Child Ambassador Clubs, Mother Clubs and School Management Committees. This week we invited two people from each of the clubs to Makeni for a three day training session. In total we had 36 people present from 6 different villages.



The sessions covered a variety of issues from Child Rights, to how to spot abuse happening to children, to how to ensure transparency in your local school. Together all the sessions ensured the clubs were able to support their local communities by acting as role models and promoting child rights, especially the right to education.


The sessions were all very interactive and allowed the club members to develop their public speaking, negotiation and presentation skills. This was so they will be confidant in sharing what they have learnt with the rest of their club members and their whole community.


The training was a complete success, with everyone taking part and contributing their ideas and opinions throughout!


Published by WOFHRAD-SL

WOFHRAD-SL was established in 2006 by a group of young women in Makeni City the provincial headquarter town of the northern region in Sierra Leone to promote and protect women’s human rights, girl child education, women’s advancement, women and youth participation into politics, to promote democratic principles and good governance.

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